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Lecture Capture

Lecture recording - Simple, Easy and Affordable!

Tecom is proud to present advanced and high-quality solutions for lecture capture in educational and higher education institutions.

Tecom presents state-of-the-art solutions in the fields of photography, recording and broadcasting of a set of classes, lectures and training in higher education institutions, meeting rooms and discussions, council conferences, medical uses and more.

Did you also wonder, "If only my lecture could be recorded in a simple and convenient way, without getting involved in editing, sound configuration, blurry issues and then uploading it for the benefit of all students?" We have the solution!
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Tecom digital and high-quality recording system solution, which is widely deployed across campus or organization, addresses the need to record an important lecture or meeting and upload the files to a special and secure portal used by teaching or staff members and students simply and conveniently.

The HD resolution system provides a simple solution - enables recording of lectures, meetings, presentations, surgeries and medical procedures, workshops, seminars and training.

The system records multiple channels at the same time (up to 4 channels) when the recording video can be uploaded to a portal for lecture archive. At the same time, the user can "live" stream to two Internet channels, such as Facebook Live and YouTube Live.

The system is designed especially for easy integration in the classroom, auditorium, lab or conference room and allows lecturers and instructors to use and choose various multimedia devices: computer, smartphones, tablets, laptop and more.

The system is simple to operate and of high reliability. The recording solution is flexible and customized for any higher education institution, government institutions, medical centers or commercial and corporate organizations.
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The capture and recording system will take your organization to a new and higher level when it comes to content transfer, study and enrichment, including LIVE broadcasting to remote sites and reaching unlimited number of viewers. There is no need for special training or extra effort from the lecturer, the system provides lecture recording including optional motion detection and allows uploading the recording to an online video portal, cloud service or FTP server for distribution or archiving. Additionally, the system has  a live streaming option to remote sites directly from the training classroom.

The system connects to the customer online portal on a secure server that allows uploading and publishing of the recorded content in the organization's archive, indexing and search options, adding METADATA, permissions, defining syllabus and courses and more, all in common characterization and according to the client's needs.

Schools, universities and colleges, commercial or governmental organizations can now easily install and implement the lecture capture and recording system solution by installing equipment in each room and managing it remotely.
Easy-to-operate, dedicated hardware-based recording systems and HD cameras incorporate optional automatic tracking capabilities for classroom lecturer movement.

In light of the changes taking place over the last few years, by recording lectures and uploading to the Internet, the concept of MOOCS - Massive Open Online Courses - open and multi-participant online courses is gaining traction.

The service allows users collaboration, efficient and better learning experience, while minimizing technical support.
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Tecom Electronics capture, recording and streaming systems are already implemented by many customers including universities, colleges, municipalities, regional and local councils, training centers, medical centers, organizations and companies, security institutions and more. Contact us for more details and a demo.
See our photo gallery of lecture capture and streaming systems installed by Tecom Electronics in classrooms, simulation rooms, auditoriums, educational and higher education institutions and more: