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TecPodium is listed on the GSA Advantage, an acquisition solution to military and federal agencies.

* Photos shown with optional accessories

TSS-650 - HD Presentation Switcher Scaler - The Translator

The “TRANSLATOR” – a multi-format, easy to use and affordable HD presentation switcher scaler for your classrooms, conference rooms, auditoriums, training facilities and other presentation applications.  The TSS-650 Translator is a Multi Input Switcher/Scaler that has HDMI, PC (VGA), Component and Composite Video inputs. It can switch and scale the signal to HDMI or VGA with audio outputs.

The TSS-650 supports HDMI output resolutions up to 1080p/WUXGA, Analog Digital Conversion (ADC) and Digital Analog Conversion (DAC) – allowing wide range of AV signals display on an HDMI or VGA monitors and projectors. Furthermore, the On-Screen Display (OSD), IR remote, RS-232, IP and on-panel controls make this product versatile and easy to use.

The TSS-650 web interface allows administrators to remotely manage and control the unit remotely over the network.


  • Supports switching and scaling of multiple AV inputs to HDMI or PC/ HD outputs
  • Supports EDID and HDCP.
  • Supports 3D de-interlace, noise reduction and 3D comb filter.
  • Supports frame rate conversion.
  • Supports RS-232, IP(Telnet/Web GUI) and IR controls.
  • Supports output timing hot keys switching. 
  • HDMI compatible with DVI.
  • Supports Digital to Analog (DAC) and Analog to Digital (ADC) Audio conversion.
  • Supports Non-HDCP signal of Apple computers. 
  • Intuitive and efficient. 


TCS-90 - TecPodium Collaboration Audio Visual Carts

TecPodium All-In-One Collaboration Carts are the perfect portable multimedia solution for classrooms, seminar rooms and many other applications, with all the multimedia capabilities built in and easily controlled.

TecPodium Carts are stylish, portable and fully ADA compliant. Move the cart easily and safely from one room to another on its wheels.

The Collaboration Cart is an “out-of-the-box” solution. With great looks and ergonomic, height adjustable design it will make your presentations easy and effective!

  • Easy to use and stylish.
  • ADA compliant with height adjustment.
  • Portable, with 4 wheels and cables for easy connection.
  • High performance All in One PC with Multi-touch screen.
  • Integrated sound system.
  • HD webcam for shooting online video and photos
  • DVD drive, USB connections
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Internal locking compartment for extra storage space
  • Intuitive and efficient.

TC Series-Portable Medical-Audio Visual Carts

Tecom introduces a wide range of best-in-class solutions for the AV and Healthcare Industries. Tecom portable carts are sturdy, mobile and adjustable. The intuitive carts can fit a wide range of applications from audiovisual carts to medical devices, TV, portable electronics and computers.

TecPodium TC Series of carts are mobile carts and include a manual lift for height adjustment. Internal compartment has sufficient room for mini form factor CPU while external kit available for larger form factors. Ergonomic accessories have been set up as default, covering scanner holder, tilted keyboard tray, mouse holder, ventilation fan and storage bin that can be used as a handle when steering the cart on move, low noise casters which provide locking and more. The carts and stands are ergonomically designed and easy to use.






TCD-100 - Projector Control System

  • The TCD-100 is a compact and easy to use projector control system.  It will allow the teacher or presenter in a classroom environment to control the projector or other display devices easily with colorful and readable push buttons.  The TCD-100 has a built-in IR learner for easy setup and learning IR commands process.

    • Intuitive control for projectors and other display devices
    • 5 Buttons display device controller
    • Easy IR learning with built-in IR learner
    • MACRO function capability
    • Compact design to fit single-gang boxes
    • Simple and easy to use
    • Cost effective

    Hard Keys: (5) pushbuttons all individually capable of storing an IR command.
    Pre assigned caps indicate: Projector ON; Projector OFF; Projector; PC; HDMI Laptop; VGA Laptop
    Optional Button Caps (sold separately)
    Indicators: (2) Yellow LEDs (1 per key) for feedback (PC/Laptop)

    TCD-100 includes built-in controller for controlling projectors and display devices by most manufacturers
    The Built-in IR learner allows quick programming of the IR control commands directly into the TCD-100
    “Record” MACRO commands.

    IR: Supports 1-way device control via infrared

    IR: 3.5mm mini-plug; IR Emitter probe w/3.5mm Mini Plug (included)
    Power: 12V, 1Amp 3.5mm mini-plug; power supply included
    IR Learner: IR receiver accessible on PCB

    1-gang mountable in brushed aluminum plate (customizable)

    Height: 4.48 in (115 mm); Width: 2.75 in (70 mm); Depth: 1.96 in (50 mm); Weight: 250g

TGM-200 - Gooseneck Microphones

  • The TGM product line offers a complete range of gooseneck microphone which perfectly fit the classroom and auditorium environments. The microphones are immune from mobile phone interference and offer several cardioid condenser options. Reliable and quick to install in a classroom podium, teacher workstation or a boardroom.

    • Professional condenser gooseneck microphones
    • Applications: large-scale conferences, public addresses and outdoor speeches
    • High performance, extremely clear sound
    • High sensitivity, low self-noise
    • Durable flexible gooseneck
    • Exceptional frequency response
    • Red LED indication
    • Standard 3 Pin XLR connection

TPA-300 - PA Stereo Amplifier

Your preferred choice of classroom sound amplifier!
The TPA-300 is a Class D, single rack space mixer amplifier designed for public address applications.
The unit provides a compact and efficient way to mix up to 2 microphones and 2 sources such as CD/DVD players and video players.
The power amplifier provides 80 Watts of power connected to 8 ohm speakers.

• Extraordinary performance, pocket size
• Class D amplifier, up to 2X200W
• 2 XLR Microphone inputs with tone control, phantom power
• 2 Stereo RCA Line inputs with tone control
• Line Out for external amplifier or recording
• Master Volume and Separate channel volume control
• Tone control
• Low voltage consumption
• 12V DC Output – for connection of wireless microphone
• Optional remote connection DB9

Connectors: 2 XLR, 2 Stereo RCA, Quick speakers connection,
12V DC Output,1 Line Out, DB9 control
Phantom Power: +12 VDC
Max Gain: Mic: 60 dBV
Tone Controls: +/-12 dB 100 Hz Bass; +/-12 dB 11kHz Treble
Recommended Load: 8 Ohms
Power: 110 ~ 240 VAC 50-60 Hz
Weight: 5 lbs (2.3 kg)
Dimensions: 9.5″ x 1.75″ x 5″ • (24cm x 4.5cm x 20cm)

TCM-400 - Tabletop Cable Management


• Tabletop Cable Management
• Modular popup and hidden table-top cable management enclosures
• Changeable modular, with various cable or connectors configuration
• Silence aerodynamic force pole design (TCM-403)
• Flush mounting – suitable for boardrooms, conference room, control room and classroom installations.


TCM-401 Series is designed as a table-top cable house, with slidable cover and drawing cables.  The cover of TCM-401 can be opened and slide down, and the cables can be drawn out manually.  There are 6 cables holes, which can support various AV cables, depending on the installation requirement. TCM-403 is a modular popup and hidden table-top socket.  It has a built-in aerodynamic force pole, which can popup the socket (45 degree angle).  It works with the TCM modular plates.   The user can select and configure the desired plate with different connectors, depending on the installation requirements.  All the modular plates are direct connection.
Cover slidable and lowered Quiet and reliable aerodynamic force pole
Cable-drawing design  Up to 4 modular plates
All the default cables are up to 1.7 meters.  Standard cables include: 15 pin VGA cable,  HDMI cable, 3.5 mm Audio, CAT5 and USB cable
6 cable holes, with default or customized cables.

All connectors and sockets are direct connection

Table top mountable

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