TecPodium Lecterns in Practice – Ashkelon Academic College


The Academic College of Ashkelon is considered one of the largest and important colleges in Israel. The main fields of study at the college are social sciences, natural sciences and Judaism. Among these fields of study, the most sought-after are economics and business administration, psychology, computers and logistics.

Project Requirements
In 2005, The Academic College of Ashkelon took a strategic decision, to equip all classrooms on campus with AV lecterns that will be permanently connected to the projectors and will provide a complete AV solution. The main requirements for the lecterns were, ease of use and low maintenance. Additional important requirement was for the lecterns to be protected and secure as classrooms remain unlocked. For this project, the College examined every AV solution available on the market and TecPodium Lecterns prevailed.

Over a period of two years, 65 TecPodium Lecterns were installed. Since then, all 65 TecPodium Lecterns are in full capacity and lecturers have increased their use of AV devices. Lecturers appreciate that they don’t need to deal with confusing functions during the presentation. Even though 65 TecPodium are constantly active, the IT center reports no service calls are made. Additionally, the AV equipment remains protected and secure.


The College is extremely satisfied from TecPodium Lecterns. According to Roni Ben Yishai, IT Manager, “TecPodium Lecterns receive the highest performance grade. Furthermore, I would like to point out the swift and professional deployment of Tecom Electronics in this project, installing 30 TecPodium Lecterns in such a short period of time”.
The Academic College of Ashkelon is currently in the process of equipping further classrooms and lecture halls. Additionally, 3 large congress halls were built on campus and TecPodium Lecterns are also installed at this new and prestigious site.

TecPodium All in One Multimedia Lectern installed at the 300 seats prestigious Auditorium

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