TecPodium Lecterns in Practice – Chyspin College (GHC)

Chyspin College (GHC) – TecPodiums installed all over Campus

You can run, but you can’t hide…. And frankly, you wouldn’t want to. TecPodiums have taken over this college campus and staff and students are all grateful for it!

There is a TecPodium almost everywhere you go – we have left them out of the Cafeteria, but we have left our mark everywhere else.

Due to fantastic features like having a single control panel for all AV devices and lecture friendly positioning, there are TecPodium Interactives in every classroom, a TecPodium Workstation in the Board Room and a specialized TecPodium Interactive in the auditorium.

TecPodium Interactive installed at GHC’s Main Auditorium

The Tecom staff worked tirelessly with the administration, campus technicians and designers to insure that this turn key project went off without a hitch and that the College would become TecPodium savvy quickly and easily.

TecPodiums installed in GHC Classrooms and Boardroom

When GHC Operations Manager, Amichai Adi, was asked why they choose to equip the entire campus rather than just the auditorium they replied very matter of factly:
“We see TecPodium as a great investment for the College. These lecterns are top quality, easy to use and cost effective. They also give our staff and guest lecturers the tools to offer interactive and interesting lectures in a variety of subjects, which benefit our students tremendously. The governing board of this College places the satisfaction of both students and staff as our #1 priority and TecPodium help us achieve both.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

The TecPodium TPI-12 is an all-in-one lectern that has every multimedia capability built in. All devices, including LCD projectors, laptops, and CD/DVD players, are run from a single control panel. Plus, simply closing the unit’s door not only secures the equipment, but also automatically turns off any equipment that may have been left on, including the projector.

GHC has been offering students, youths and special interest groups classes in Environmental & Geographic Studies for over 30 years. It has a convention center and guesthouse which it offers to companies, groups and businesses for special events.

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