TecPodium Lecterns in Practice – I.D.F Naval Training Base

Project Requirements

The IDF’s Naval Training facility team faced a series of dilemmas. Although the training and debriefing rooms each had a permanently mounted projector and a large projection screen, they lacked other key AV components and were difficult for the trainers to operate. Additionally, the equipment was poorly integrated and required constant servicing. The Naval training officers needed lecterns with a thoroughly integrated AV system that was user friendly, reliable, and low maintenance. After exhaustive research for appropriate solutions, the Navy chose the TecPodium Lectern.


TecPodium lecterns have been successfully installed and integrated into a number of military and naval training facilities and bases. While the room type and size ranges from small classrooms used for training and education to large halls used for ceremonies and debriefing, the TecPodium provides the Navy with a cost-efficient, streamlined, user-friendly system.
Trainers can now focus on their presentations rather than being concerned with learning different systems and strategizing on how to overcome the shortcomings of each one. TecPodium also provides relief from the constant support required from the technical staff. Trainers save time, and, most importantly, the officers and trainees benefit from seamless presentations.


The remarkable success of TecPodium in naval bases has led to its installation in many other facilities. Following the lead of the Israeli military, several foreign military services are currently evaluating the TecPodium for their training centers.
Many Israeli Naval training officers have stated their satisfaction with TecPodium Lecterns. One officer commented:
“We had to find an advanced system that would fit all of our unique requirements, and TecPodium definitely filled that role. TecPodium offers an excellent solution, allowing us to deliver our messages loud and clear without a concern for the technology we’re using.”

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