TecPodium Lecterns in Practice – Nigeria Government Institution

Tecom TecPodium smart interactive lectern
Nigeria Government Institution Gets TecPodium Lectern for the new Auditorium

A Project is Born
Established in 1999, The National institution unites other government institutions in Nigeria.
The institute main 450 seats auditorium required highly advances solution for presentations and controlling the Audio-Visual equipment in the room.
The project consultant Hewelt Systems Ltd was instructed to provide a solution to the challenge. The intention was to allow trainers and participants to give presentations seamlessly from their podiums without relying on the control room operators to call up their slides. Additionally, the projector in the room had to be updated to support as a backup alongside an LED video wall display.

TecPodium smart lecterns in Nigeria

Choosing the Solution
The AV integrator choose to deploy Tecom Electronics TecPodium smart AV Lecterns. The Interactive Lectern provides a world class connectivity with other appliances in the hall.

Sporting a modern look and an easy-of-use push-buttons, user friendly interface, the TecPodium lectern was chosen for its smart capabilities, helping presenters focus on their materials. TecPodium unique design allows seamless transition of presentation sources – from PC to laptops, document cameras and more.

TecPodium smart lecterns in Nigeria

On the Technical Side
The AV Integrator installed a 4.5 x 3 m LED screen to provide a professional display solution for such a large audience with an immersive viewing experience. The control room was fitted with video mixer switchers to take and switch multiple audio and video inputs.
On the side of the auditorium, is a fully equipped TecPodium lectern was installed with an Interactive Pen display capabilities serving as the brainbox for presentations and lecturers.

TecPodium Interactive touch monitor for classroom

TecPodium Interactive lecterns with multi-touch monitor at the Main Auditorium

The Power of Collaboration
From a planning stage to choosing what systems will make the cut, professional teams from both the integrator and manufacturer sides worked in complete collaboration with the client. In turn, this resulted in a well-prepared project followed by a smooth installation exactly as planned.
Idongesit Inyang, Hewelt Systems Limited CEO: “The College lecture theatre is the flagship project in the government institute in Nigeria in recent time. It is the largest and one of the main halls the institute has to offer, therefore, it was important to demand an AV solution that would address modern presentation needs with superior technology that guarantees security and flexibility to a high-profile client like this.”
“TecPodium All-in-One commanded the attention of all the visitors as it answered all presentation needs in one, easy solution. There could be no better solution than this, both in design and function” says Inyang.
“Tecom manufactured, quality-assured and shipped the units completely assembled and ready to use. We took it out of the box, plugged it and we were good to go!”

Efrat Elitzur, Tecom Electronics Chief Marketing Officer: “We’re glad to finalize another successful project with Hewelt Systems Ltd in Nigeria. We are glad to see the use of our Interactive Lecterns by another worldwide governmental institution as Tecom puts the client satisfaction as top priority.”

Tecom Electronics smart lecterns and podiums
TecPodium Interactive at the new Auditorium

The Result
The AV part of the project was completed in record time, thanks to the smooth installation of the Interactive TecPodium. As one of the key components in this project, it was important for the client to know how to operate the TecPodium in their daily use. “Tecom has vast experience when it comes to customers from the different government sectors and, in custom projects just like these, is where our team and product shines bright. Tight schedule, custom manufacturing and fast delivery while working closely with the client and integrator, just to make sure everything is covered, is embedded in our service delivery culture DNA. We’re very happy to complete yet another successful international project and already working on other multiple ones”.

Tecom podiums and lecterns touch screen audio video
Integration of TecPodium Interactive Lectern on stage

TecPodium installation at the Nigeria Government Institution Video

About Tecom Electronics Ltd.:

Tecom Electronics manufactures TecPodium, All-in-One Multimedia Lecterns. TecPodium with its streamlined, contemporary lectern design offers an innovative, fully integrated and easy to use presentation solution to every size and type of hall.
About Hewelt Systems Limited:

Founded in 2005, Hewelt Systems Limited is a leading high-tech enterprise specializing in research, supply and installation of modern information and communication technology equipment and multimedia product series. With many high-end projects with top offices and agencies in Nigeria, Hewelt Systems is a major integrator in the AV industry.

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