TecPodium Lecterns in Practice – The Nigerian Defence HQ

The Federal Republic of Nigeria Defence Headquarters Gets TecPodium Interactive Lecterns

The complex project and strict customer requirements led to choosing the user-friendly and fully integrated Tecom podiums

The Nigerian Defence Headquarters (DHQ) supervises the Army, Navy and Air Force as well as Tri-Services Institutions.

Recently, a new 21st century DHQ building, comprised of a main conference hall, monitoring room and staff offices, was specially constructed with the intention of providing better logistics for conferencing and office accommodation for the DHQ personnel.

“We are Focusing on high-end solutions”, says Idongesit Inyang of Hewelt Systems Limited, integrators of the DHQ Smart Conference room project. “The facility represents the integrity of Nigeria’s Armed Forces which demanded an AV solution that would address modern presentation needs with superior technology that guarantees security and flexibility.”

TecPodium Interactive lecterns with multi-touch monitor at the DHQ conference room

On the technical side, four high-resolution 98” Ultra LED screens, in strategic positions within the room, provide ease of view for all participants. Three Pan, zoom and tilt HD cameras allow conference streaming, recording and live broadcast from the main hall to remote sites worldwide.

In the center of the main hall, two fully equipped TecPodium Interactive Lecterns (Tecom TPI-12W) were installed with IPD (interactive pen display) and multi-touch capabilities serving as the brainbox for presentations and lectures. Sporting a modern look and a push-button, user-friendly interface, the TecPodium Interactive was chosen for its smart capabilities, helping presenters focus on their materials.

TecPodium Interactive unique design allow seamless transition of presentation sources-from PC to laptops, document cameras, DVD and more.

The AV part of the project was completed in record time, thanks to the smooth installation of the two prefabricated Interactive TecPodiums. 

TecPodium Interactive at the Nigerian Defence Headquarters, Abuja, Nigeria

“On project commissioning ceremony day, TecPodium all-in-one commanded the attention of all the visitors as it answered all presentation needs in one solution. There could be no better solution than this, both in design and function” says Inyang. “With the professional help of the Tecom team, we didn’t have to build the podiums by ourselves. We just shared the client’s demands for simplicity and durability. Tecom manufactured, quality-assured and shipped the units completely assembled and ready to use.  We took it out of the box, plugged it and we were good to go!”

Local and international conferences held at the new facility

Tecom Sales Manager: “The Nigerian DHQ joins a respectful list of top Military organizations worldwide that chose the TecPodium solution as their standard. We’re very happy to complete yet another successful international project and already working on other multiple ones.”

About Tecom Electronics Ltd.:

Tecom Electronics is a dynamic company continuously developing and evolving their products to provide the simplest yet most technologically advanced solution to managing Audio Visual equipment in training and educational facilities. Tecom replaces generic podiums in the classroom and boardroom with a more interactive and easy to use technological experience.
About Hewelt Systems Limited:
Founded in 2005, Hewelt Systems Limited is a leading high-tech enterprise specializing in research, supply and installation of modern information and communication technology equipment and multimedia product series. With many high-end projects with top offices and agencies in Nigeria, Hewelt Systems is a major integrator in the AV industry.
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