We are impressed with the quality of our Tecom podium. It is solidly constructed and easy to move. The built in computer gives us peace of mind, knowing that our speakers have a reliable machine to give their presentations. Internally, all of the wires are organized and well managed. I would recommend Tecom to anyone looking for a well-built podium.”

David Price, The Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC

Due to its sleek design, ease-of-use interface and the most practical ADA compliant height-adjustable lift in the industry, the Presenter has done wonders for faculty in the classroom. With the Presenter, technology is no longer an impediment to teaching. It is transparent. Faculty are able to walk into a classroom with little or no training and immediately begin to do what they do best – Teach. We are now in the final phase of classroom upgrade project and Tecom’s TecPodium Presenter is now an integral part of each classroom. Without the Presenter, the classroom upgrades simply would not have been as successful. I highly recommend the product.

Eric Kieselhorst, Director of Media Services, Mount St. Mary’s University, Los Angeles, California

I sought out the most up-to-date equipment available to install in our new facilities. Our instructors have quickly adapted to the ease of use, most times with no instruction. Even a novice instructor looks like a seasoned professional as the TecPodium makes transitions among types of presentation systems seamless and easy. The TecPodium met and exceeded all my expectations.

Chief Dan Colucci, Director of the Public Safety Training Academy, Morris County, New Jersey

Our teachers love using the TecPodium as they have all the controls for the AV equipment right in front of them

Ronnie C. Swanner, Director, Center for Learning & Technology, Trinity University, San Antonio, TX

Our institution is moving to a purpose-built campus, and we reviewed various configurations of equipment for our Lecture Theatres. TecPodium was by far the frontrunner, and I am pleased to report that all the staff who is already using it like its simplicity and ease of use, while administration is very pleased with its reliability and minimal maintenance. In fact, none of our academic staff have had a negative comment to make about the unit, only positive ones!

Jim Bain, Educational Resource Centre, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, Scotland 

The units are robustly and elegantly designed, yet are very intuitive and user friendly. The learning curve was very short, and the staff quickly acclimated to the point where many have abandoned the use of the white boards in favor of using the TecPodiums. Our first users were faculty members from our nursing program. They were up to speed in less than 20 minutes and have been using the system on a daily basis.

Stephen Kato, Director of Media Services, Union County College, NJ

The TecPodium has been a wonderful addition to our conference center. Our clients love the ease of use. One turn of the key and everything is up and operational. Our staff loves the efficiency of using one piece of equipment. No more rolling out TV’s, document projectors and LCD projectors. Everything is neat and compact in one unit!!

Barbara Loftus, CMP, Manager, Conference Services, Rutgers University Inn and Conference Center

I have not seen our lecturers so enthusiastic about a technological product in a long time. They are most impressed by the TecPodium’s rare combination of functionality and ease-of-use. Typically, as one of them told me, the stream of a lecture is frequently interrupted by the need to deal with the presentation aspect of the content-now, no matter what the type of media employed, the process is intuitive, even for lecturers who are not technologically literate. Furthermore, we are impressed by the exceptional reliability-no unexpected failures, the most minimal maintenance, and full performance time after time.

Mrs. Lea Prawer, head of Multimedia Center, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

There are many teachers at the RIS, and each has different capabilities and experience with regard to using multimedia technologies. Due to the solutions provided by Tecom, and especially thanks to the simplicity of operating its products, we have succeeded in overcoming the differences, thereby enabling all who are interested to use the advanced lecterns. Consequently, we have upgraded the teaching aids available to our staff and raised the level of our classes.

Revital Goldberg, Rothberg International School 

After few years of constant use and experience we have with TecPodium Lecterns, it has clearly proved itself as the most reliable and stable AV solution we came across – the system constantly works and lecturers can use it easily without any training

Ori Di-Nor, AV department Manager, Sapir College

TecPodium is a functional and user-friendly AV system. We received excellent feedback from our end users on the way TecPodium integrates in their lessons and enhances them. The lecturers report that they use TecPodium freely without the need for our constant support

Nessi Otmazgin, IT Manager, Zefat College

Our main facility hall required an immediate update of its’ AV technology. We adopted TecPodium with great pleasure. Now the lecturers can concentrate on their lecture rather than fiddle with the equipment. TecPodium offers us “peace of mind” in conferences that we hold on a daily basis. I would definitely recommend TecPodium to others.

Yona Yaniv, Beit Soraski Facility Manager, Sheba Medical Center

The College is extremely satisfied from TecPodium Lecterns. TecPodium Lecterns receive the highest performance grade. Furthermore, I would like to point out the swift and professional deployment of Tecom Electronics in this project, installing the Lecterns in such a short period of time

Roni Ben Yishai, IT Manager, Ashkelon Academic College

TecPodium has proven to be the perfect solution for our purposes. TecPodium is a great tool for both teachers and students who bless me after every lecture… The lessons become more active and involve the students. The school is performing many ceremonies and guest-lectures throughout the year and TecPodium allows us to conduct these events at the highest standards of performance with peace of mind. Anyone can use it without instructions, which makes it an ideal tool for our guest lectures. I will definitely recommend TecPodium to any school manager!

David Horesh, Village Manager, WIZO School

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