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TecPodium is listed on the GSA Advantage, an acquisition solution to military and federal agencies.

* Photos shown with optional accessories

TecPodium Prime - Classroom Audio Visual Podium

TecPodium Multimedia Lecterns feature a unique combination of innovative design and functionality.

TecPodium is a breakthrough audio-visual lectern that has every multimedia capability built in. One simple control panel is used for controlling every AV device, from a projector, PC to a laptop or other media sources.

Designed with lecturers, for lecturers – TecPodium meets the presenter’s every need and application and allows him to concentrate on content and delivery instead of on confusing controls.

TecPodium Multimedia Lecterns are fully equipped with all the typical AV equipment used in a presentation to ensure high performance, availability and long lasting reliability.

The entire solution is supported by a single source and offers superb operation, peace of mind, high impact presentations and extraordinary cost-effectiveness.

TecPodium Prime - Features

Integrated solution
  • Integrates all audio-visual equipment in a compact lecturer podium. 
  • Facilitates multimedia, Internet and computer presentations.
  • Multi-touch presenter screen for extended educational tools
  • Allows presentation of high quality DVD and videos.
  • Provides a complete sound solution for the visual source.
  • Optional document camera for displays of 3D objects, photos and documents in all sizes with zoom capability.
  • Enables selection of presentation source with one button.
  • Displays all visual sources on the lecturer’s personal screen.
Easy connections
  • Connects easily to guest-lecturer’s computer. 
  • Connects to the hall projector or any other presentation device.
Proven reliability
  • Easy to maintain and high durability.
  • 20 years high performance working experience.

TecPodium Prime - How Does It Work?

TecPodium is easy to use. Simply click a single button to switch between sources and control the AV equipment!
  • Start by opening the side door – everything switches on
  • You can bring your materials from your organization’s network, as well as link to the web or insert a DVD or USB thumb drive… for an on-the spot smooth presentation on the high end computer
  • Multi-touch screen integrated in the podium for easy and advanced operation of presentations
  • Insert a DVD and easily switch to the DVD Player
  • Optional document camera for presenting documents, photos, and enlargement of various objects in real-time on the screen with simple zooming and automatic focus
  • Benefit from a quick interface to laptop connectivity
  • Control sound for maximum effectiveness with a complete stereo sound system
  • Control hall lights as well and enjoy motorized screen controls
  • At the end of your presentation, simple close the side door, everything turn OFF. Your equipment remains locked and protected
  • Save time and money on service calls, increase efficiency and make the most out of your audio visual equipment
Save valuable time on design-build, programming and integration!
Pre-configured and ready to work, simply Plug and Play!

TecPodium Prime - Multi-Touch Screen

  • Tecom launches its latest TecPodium AV Lectern with multi-touch screen capabilities supporting Microsoft Windows 10 and HD resolution.  The New TecPodium now meets all presenters’ need with the latest technology approach.
  • The TecPodium now has built-in, multiuser touch screen system, employing state of the art technology to achieve high-resolution, high brightness, fast and accurate response with no calibration requirements.
  • The new touch screen offers extended educational tools for the modern classroom and training environments where the presenter can use all common touch gestures such as swipe, tap, slide, scroll, zoom and more directly on the podium screen.
  • TecPodium multi-touch screen fully supports Microsoft Windows 10 and Microsoft Office inking features, allowing direct, on the fly annotation capabilities.

TecPodium Prime - Options and Accessories

  • Lights Control Module – TLG-31
    Low Voltage Module to control 3 light areas

    Electric Motorized Screen Control – TSR-32
    Low Voltage Module for automatic up/down operation of motorized screen

    Extension Cables & 2 Wheels – TCB-33
    “Moveable Option”: 16ft. Extension Cables with Protective Shield (VGA; Control; AC; Speakers; LAN) with 2 Wheels

    Expanded Shelf for TecPodium – TSE-36
    Expanded shelf for TecPodium, replacing existing shelf, “L” shape

    Wall Box for TecPodium – TWB-37
    Wall Box with connectors optimized for TecPodium installation

TecPodium Prime - Brochure and Specifications

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